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Crownsdental crowns treatment in Bangalore Crowns are a replacement of missing teeth. These can be made of metal, gold, porcelain and white metal (zirconium).

White crowns can highly improve your smile and confidence.

Metal crowns endure biting and chewing forces effectively and are long lasting in terms of wear down.

The metallic… Read More
Deep Bitedental crowns treatment in Bangalore Deep bite is a condition in which the upper front teeth bite too deeply over the lower front teeth.

Why treat deep bite?
It is extremely important to this condition treated as it can lead to excessive wear to teeth. The lower teeths top edge often will… Read More
Dental Fluorosisdental crowns treatment in Bangalore Dental fluorosis is referred as the change in tooth’s appearance. The reason for this is overexposure to fluoride. The fluoride overexposure risk occurs between 3 months to 8 years of ages. The occurrence of Enamel fluorosis is due to permanent teeth forming under the gums. Once these… Read More
Dental Laminatesdental crowns treatment in Bangalore Have you ever wondered why many individuals have such perfect smiles? You may be surprised finding out that many of them had cosmetic dental work done. One of the best ways of making your smile more attractive is placing jacket crowns or porcelain laminate veneers. Porcelain veneers are translucent, thin… Read More
Dental Implants dental crowns treatment in Bangalore Implants are alternates for lost teeth. In this process, we do not cut down teeths either side for crowns for supporting the bridge.

These are designed for toothless areas, and the treatment includes implanting artificial dental roots. These artificial roots are made using titanium, a special metal to jaw bone… Read More
Spacing DIASTEMA:dental crowns treatment in Bangalore Diastema is a gap or space between two teeth. Several species of mammals possess diastema as normal feature, very commonly in between incisors and molars. The term is generally applied to an open space between upper incisors (front teeth).

Diastema occurs due to uneven relationship between the size… Read More
Early Childhood Cariesdental crowns treatment in Bangalore Early childhood caries, also called baby bottle caries, bottle rot and baby bottle tooth decay.

Characterized by severe decay in infants or young children’s front teeth, Early childhood caries (ECC) is a common bacterial infection.

It occurs when a child goes to bed with… Read More
Orthodontics dental crowns treatment in Bangalore *Mal aligned teeth are people’s primary concern these days. This is due to the esthetic look.
*This treatment aids in alignment of all teeth in proper position.
*This ensures your functional and esthetic concerns.
* Is performed using braces and brackets.

*Orthodontic treatment needs minimum of 8-10 months to… Read More
Root Canal Treatment dental crowns treatment in Bangalore*A tooth has three layers enamel, dentin and pulp. When cavity is deep and reached the pulp, RCT is required to be done.

* This includes removal of entire infection from within the tooth; all canals in root are cleaned and medicament is placed. The tooth is then sealed to…

Read More
Cosmetic dentistry It is said that a lovely warm smile can melt hearts. It is very true. In fact a beautiful smile adds charm to even an ordinary looking person. Everybody in this world wants to look attractive. In this pursuit, can gaining a winning smile be far behind? Absolutely not. The… Read More
General Dentistry dental crowns treatment in Bangalore We offer various dental treatments in our clinic. All the treatments offered by us have somehow increased the availability of dental care to the thousands of people all over India. Here… Read More
Oral Surgery The healing process begins immediately after a tooth is extracted, as the body sends blood to nourish the tooth socket. The blood clot soon stabilizes, and acts as a framework for the later growth of new bone and new gum tissue in the area of the extraction. Read More
Case Blogs As most patients hear of the word “Implant”; we have often seen them give incredulous looks … one can palpate the apprehension and uncertainty … the indecision in their minds… the innumerable questions that sometimes stay unasked as they feel they are being impolite by questioning too… Read More

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